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Shaoguan fengdu academy

Project owner:

Shaoguan urban and Rural Planning Bureau

Project location:

Qujiang District, Shaoguan City

Design time:


Project scale:

400 square meters

Cooperative unit:

Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Starting from Shaoguan historical celebrity Zhang Jiuling's "The sea rises and the bright moon, the end of the world shares this time", the theme of "the end of the world is bright moon" is extracted and follows the historical context. Pay attention to the echo between the building and the environment. The layout of the building fully considers the current situation of the base,and is connected to the site through an entrance platform,and the building is "suspended" above the mountain through architectural techniques such as cantilevering, which is light and simple. The shape is arranged symmetrically on the central axis, and the facade is composed of large pieces of glass and aluminum panels. Looking from the mountain, you can see the moon ring on the bottom. At night, combining the bottom perforated panels and lights reveals another form.

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