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Heyuan hongmian guitar factory

Project owner:

Hongmian Guitar Factory

Project location:

Heyuan City, Guangdong Province

Design time:


Project scale:

132,000 square meters

Cooperative unit:

Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

The perfect combination of architectural function and art, breaking the stereotyped appearance of industrial buildings, through the combination of facade and guitar modeling elements, the strings are formed as a gallery, the head of the guitar is a stone, the guitar box is a window, also, people work in the guitar. The exterior wall is taken from the traditional red color of the ‘Hongmian’ guitar, which demonstrates the elegant and deep quality of the "Hongmian Guitar" and its heavy cultural heritage. And through the conversion between the two colors of red and white, the toughness of the industrial building is intertwined with the melodious,so that the tactful and frustrating of the entire factory area inspires stronger vitality, and the music also uses the magnificent volume of the building, and the exciting movement was played on the horizon at the same time.

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