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Yangchun jinglun hospital

Project owner:

Yangchun jinglun hospital

Project location:

Yangchun City, Guangdong Province

Design time:


Project scale:

43900 square meters

Cooperative unit:

Guangdong Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Adopting the green and ecological design concept, the building podium is designed as a layered terrace, which has obtained a good urban space effect and created a large amount of roof garden space. Set aside a distribution plaza on the northeast side of the land, and take into account the second-phase development land. The towers of the building adopt a streamlined shape, leaving sky gardens in the north and south to provide ecological leisure space for patients and doctors.

The hospital building adopts vertical functional zoning, the tower is equipped with inpatient department, and the podium is equipped with outpatient and medical technology functions.Through the three-story high-altitude lobby, the flow of people is reasonably guided. The graphic design combines the characteristics of private hospitals, sets up private consultation rooms and independent treatment and examination rooms, and guides the flow of different kinds of people through various elevators to create a sense of high-end experience.Part of the public space is set up with a sinking negotiation area, combined with commercial service facilities such as coffee shops and canteens, to provide sufficient and diverse services.

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Yangchun jinglun hospital
Yangchun jinglun hospital
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